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Josh Ross
Josh’s first year out of the gate as an independent artist has been exciting as he has accumulated over 2.5 MILLION streams so far in 2020. It has been an interesting year for Josh who moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the end of 2019, but due to COVID-19 spent a great deal of time back in his home country of Canada. During this time he released 3 singles off of his Debut Ep which is now set for release November 20th 2020. Josh who made his mark from playing college events at Western University to Canada’s largest outdoor country Music Festival, Boots and Hearts, in 2017 explained how this year has been good for him..
“For me being such a new artist and really getting into the industry in 2017 this year has been a good to work on the little things as I never really had the time to do that. I am stoked about a lot of the new songs I have been working on, along with developing my sound. I can’t wait for people to hear my first EP Nov 20th. Crazy to think I recorded these songs back in 2018 but they are the songs that shaped me to be where I am today and got me to move to Nashville.”
Josh Ross
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